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Ukraine Business visa

Current legal system provides such type of visa as business visa (B), which issued for a period from 1 year and gives multiple entries to Ukraine. Business visa issued by the Embassy or by the Consulates of Ukraine abroad for such categories of persons, who are planning to enter Ukraine as co-founders or representatives of companies (firms, associations) to monitor implementation of contracts or as consultants from foreign companies, or as staff representatives of foreign business entities in Ukraine based of an invitation issued by the Office of Citizenship, Immigration and registration of individuals by the MIA of Ukraine (further, UGIRFO). Availability such type of visa does not authorize employment in Ukraine.

Issuing an invitation is regulated by Order of MIA №524 (08.10.2008) «On approval of rules for processing and issuing invitations to foreigners and stateless persons in receiving visa documents for entry into Ukraine». The main requirements of UGIRFO to receive an invitation are:

  • petition of legal person (company director or authorized person);
  • passport enterprise manager;
  • certificate of state registration;
  • regulations;
  • documents on the ownership of legal persons on the premises or lease contract;
  • an order consolidating the employees responsible for receiving and processing of foreigners and stateless person;
  • letter of guarantee of a legal person, which invited the foreigner or a stateless person, to commit themselves to pay all costs of an foreigner;
  • 2 photos size 3,5 x 4,5 of the legal entity and responsible staff.

Employees UGIRFO may request additional documents in order to identify the circumstances preventing the issuance of invitations. For the issuance of an invitation is required to pay for information services UGIRFO. Period of issuing the invitation is 21 working days.