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General information about Ukraine

General information

Ukraine is a state in Eastern Europe bounded on the west by Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, on the south-west by Romania and Moldova and on the north and east by Russia. On the south it is washed by the Black sea and the Sea of Azov. Ukraine is the second biggest country of Europe after Russia.
The total area of Ukraine
is 603,700 sq. km. The area spans in a west-east direction for 1300 km; from north to south – 900 km. Present population of Ukraine is about 44 million people. About 80% are Ukrainians, the remaining ones are Russians, Byelorussians, Jews, Moldavians, Hungarians, Poles, Crimean Tatars, Rumanians, Greeks and representatives of other nationalities. The Urban population is about 70% of total population. The largest religious denomination is Christian: Orthodox and Greek-Catholicism.
State language
is Ukrainian. Most of Ukrainians are bilingual and speak Russian as well. Rather few people speak foreign languages, English is the most popular one.
Ukrainian national currency is Hryvnya (UAH). 1hryvnya = 100 kopecks (small change). Official exchange rate of UAH to foreign currencies you can see here. Travellers checks (Thomas Cook, American Express) can be easily converted into cash in most of the Ukrainian banks. The bank charge is usually 1-3%. VISA, MasterCard and EuroCard are accepted in hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations etc.
Visa regulations
Citizens of most countries need Ukrainian visa for entering Ukraine. The visa can be obtained in any of the Consulates of Ukraine in the world. Citizens of certain countries may obtain Ukrainian visa in Kyiv (Boryspil, KBP) and Odessa (ODS) airports. For more information about visa requirements please click here.
Medical insurance
According to Ukrainian law every traveller must have valid medical insurance. Certificate of medical insurance is icluded into visa support package we provide our clients with.
Customs formalities
If you bring any valuables (money, travelers checks, jewelry, expensive technical equipment, etc.) it is advised to keep the customs declaration until your departure to avoid problems taking the mentioned above valuables back from Ukraine.